Collaborations with people
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By participating in the activities of the R-Team you will work together with experts in the field, beside them or remotely.

For professionals

The following professional roles are considered as priorities for starting collaborations in the short, medium and long term:

R&D Engineer


Secretary to Chief Executive Officer

Technician installers
Required skills: deep knowledge of at least one electromechanic-based system, electronics and plant design basics, proven abilities of assembly and installation of hardware components.

To apply to a position of collaboration or for more information contact us.

For not professionals

You can prove your predisposition to professional growth, orientation to problem solving and your abilities to perform analyses and synthesis, self-management of projects and inclusion in the group, as well as creativity and willingness.

Academic thesis writer
Proposed topics: New technologies for the remote control, The social effects of the Internet of Things, Innovations and applications of the Realer project.

For evaluations, requests and proposals or for more information contact us.
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