Collaborations with organizations
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The R-Team is on hand to provide consulting services and propose concrete solutions through the sharing of technical knowledge and the application of advanced technologies.

For companies

The following types of businesses and professionals are considered as priorities for starting collaborations in the short, medium and long term:

Manufacturers of electromechanical systems
Manufacturers of home appliances, industrial systems and electromechanical components have the opportunity to innovate their products through the practice of the remote control. By adopting the latest technologies and interconnected systems newly developed we agree to collaborative development strategies, fast and easy at a reasonable cost. After a feasibility study and a prototyping phase we provide everything it is needed to complete the product with guarantees and certifications.

Installers, engineers and developers can learn, improve and test their knowledge on the practice of the remote control. Events and workshops that deal with issues ranging from the design of remote controlled systems to the mounting of control devices such as Realino are regularly planned. Sometimes those events incentive someone for the creation of completely new products.

For evaluations, requests and proposals or for more information contact us.

For public entities

Organizations such as institutions and associations represent the starting point to apply our technologies in projects of medium-large sizes.
Solutions are evaluated for the centralized management of systems of public interest but also collaborations for joint participation in sectorial competitions.

For evaluations, requests and proposals or for more information contact us.
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