Resource guide
A realer resource is a physical or virtual entity that satisfies one or more needs.

At Realer a resource can be considered as "the entity utilized to reach your goals and to finalize your will", in a practical sense. In fact, each resource provides a reference to something or someone you can use to obtain a benefit, which ones you can access and control.


Wikipedia, Youtube, Google, Facebook, Amazon and more.

Resources most utilized are kind of virtual service, real person and object references, but you can choose whatever you like.

Web service - If you are interested in basketball you might like to read the latest news about it. So you may want to choose to have a resource whose link points directly to the National Basketball Association website (

Person - If you frequently need to refer to a person you may want to utilize he / she as a resource so that you can quickly access his / her information.

Object - If you own a system with integrated Realino technology then you can physically command and monitor it through the control panel of a resource.


To take full advantage from Realer, you should relate your resources to proper categories and modalities as well as you think it is useful for you.

By setting your resource links carefully you will not need to manually type text to access your favorite sites or contacts. All your resources together represent your custom search engine that you can access with just one click.

It depends on your choices but, in order to use Realer the best way, it is suggested to create and utilize only those resources that accomplish to things that you really need and you care.


A resource can be: accessible, attribute accessible, attribute lockable, attribute verifiable, creatable by people, describable, imageable, internationalizable, linkable, nameable, quantity limitable, relationshipable with other entities, remote controllable, searchable, relationshipable with spaces, updatable by people and utilizable by people.

A resource is identified by the following image: Transparent


Creatable resources per person

Each person can create minimum 0 resources.

Each person can create maximum 1080 resources.

Utilizable resources per person

Each person can utilize minimum 0 resources.

Each person can utilize maximum 2160 resources.

Relationshipable resources per person

Each person can relate a resource to maximum 72 resource categories.

Each person can relate a resource to maximum 6 modalities.

In order to use Realer you should enable JavaScript in your browser.