Category guide
A realer category is a set of resources having common characteristics.

At Realer a category can be considered as a resource group created to fulfill a specific purpose. It is important to understand differences between categories and modalities: the first concept relates to gathering resources into collections, the second concept is related to accessing resources the custom way.


Free time, Information, Special, Communication, Physiological and more.

Categories most utilized concern aspects of daily life that you might want to identify and improve.

Business - If you are a business man you might like to collect your job web sites and collaborators. So you may choose to have a category named "business" containing all them information in one place.

Comics - If you are a fan of comics you may want to utilize a category named "comics" keeping in that all information about your favorite players.

Appliances - If you own many remote controlled systems with integrated Realino technology you may want to organise and manage those in a category named "appliances".


To take full advantage from Realer, you should relate your categories to proper resources and modalities as well as you think it is useful for you.

By setting your category relationships with resources and modalities you will build the home page as well as you need.

It depends on your choices but, in order to use Realer the best way, it is suggested to create and utilize only those categories that accomplish to things that you really need and you care.


A category can be: accessible, attribute accessible, attribute lockable, attribute verifiable, creatable by people, describable, imageable, internationalizable, nameable, quantity limitable, relationshipable with other entities, searchable, updatable by people and utilizable by people.

A category is identified by the following image: Transparent


Creatable categories per person

Each person can create minimum 0 resource categories.

Each person can create maximum 72 resource categories.

Utilizable categories per person

Each person can utilize minimum 0 resource categories.

Each person can utilize maximum 144 resource categories.

Relationshipable categories per person

Each person can relate a category to maximum 15 resources.

Each person can relate a category to maximum 6 modalities.

In order to use Realer you should enable JavaScript in your browser.