Modality guide
A realer modality is the way Realer is used so to get what you need.

At Realer a modality, also called "usage modality" to be explicit, can be considered as the environment that you need to recreate at a given time. A modality gives you immediate access to resource and categories as you set for it, and by switching from the current modality to another your whole environment changes.


Activity, Custom, Developer, Engineer, Chief executive officer and more.

Modalities most utilized are those related to matters that you care frequently and that you would like to accomplish.

Shopping - If you enjoy online shopping, you might like to choose and organise your activities (shops, accounts, ...). In such case you may want to add a new modality named "shopping" just to "put yourself" under the best conditions to manage your affairs.

Developer - If you are a developer you may want to divide your activities and gain immediate access to all your resources at one time. So you could create a "developer" modality that relates exclusively to categories whose resources are needed to do your job.

Home - If you own many remote controlled systems with integrated Realino technology you may want to utilize the "home" modality in order to recreate virtually your domotic environment.


To take full advantage from Realer, you should relate your modalities to proper categories as well as you think it is useful for you.

At any time you can know which modality you are running (and switch that) by using the menu present in the top-right side of your Realer page.

It depends on your choices but, in order to use Realer the best way, it is suggested to create and utilize only those modalities that accomplish to things that you really need and you care.


A modality can be: accessible, attribute accessible, attribute lockable, attribute verifiable, creatable by people, describable, imageable, internationalizable, nameable, quantity limitable, relationshipable with other entities, searchable, updatable by people and utilizable by people.

A modality is identified by the following image: Transparent


Creatable modalities per person

Each person can create minimum 0 modalities.

Each person can create maximum 6 modalities.

Utilizable modalities per person

Each person can utilize minimum 0 modalities.

Each person can utilize maximum 12 modalities.

Relationshipable modalities per person

Each person can relate a modality to maximum 12 resource categories.

Each person can relate a modality to maximum 24 resources.

In order to use Realer you should enable JavaScript in your browser.