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Realer is a free service that lets you access your favorite websites and control your items through the Internet. Each resource that you use on Realer will be available from your computer, phone or tablet. This means that you can organise and manage your daily activities quickly, wherever you are and according to your needs.

After you have signed up an account you can sign in that account and start utilize your Realer.

Main concepts

For a proper and efficient use of Realer it is particularly important to understand the following concepts:

Transparent Resources A realer resource is a physical or virtual entity that satisfies one or more needs.

Transparent Categories A realer category is a set of resources having common characteristics.

Transparent Modalities A realer modality is the way Realer is used so to get what you need.

The "home" page

The realer home page is where you can access at once resources and categories.

When you sign in you access your custom home page. Depending in which modality you are running you will gain a quick access to all resources and categories that you have set for the current modality.

To go to your home page when you are signed in you can click the Realer logo in the top-left corner of the page.

General tips

Main features of Realer can be accessed through links and menus at the top of each page.

Once you have set your Realer you can access your resources from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Making Realer your home page you will benefit of it immediately after starting the browser so that you will be able to access all that you need faster.

In order to use Realer you should enable JavaScript in your browser.