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A realer control device is a device that allows to remote control physical resources.

At Realer a control device can be considered as the device integrated with a your own system so that you can command and monitor it, from anywhere and at anytime you want. Devices are remote controlled through control panels provided by Realer and are relationshiped to resources such as home appliances or industrial systems.

If you are a manufacturer of control devices and you would like to integrate your technology with Realer, please contact us.


Control devices most commonly used are manufactured, integrated and supplied by Realer (in collaboration with manufacturers of electromechanic-based systems) but you can choose whatever device you like depending on if your provider reflects Realer standards.

Air conditioner - If you are coming home and it is too hot/cold then you can delegate Realer to turn on/off your air conditioner just before your return in order to find your home environment at the right temperature you set.

Irrigation sprinkler - If you travel frequently and you have a garden to maintain when you are far from your place then you can delegate Realer to the task of watering your plants.

Manufacturing plant - If you are the supervisor of a manufacturing plant and you want to check its performance then you can monitor it through the virtual control panel provided by Realer.


You can command and monitor your systems through control panels provided both on the page of the related remote controlled resources and, if you have set proper relationships of these resources with categories and modalities, on the Realer home page.


A control device can be: access frequency limitable, attribute accessible, imageable, nameable, ownedable and searchable.


Relationshipable control devices per resource

Each resource can be relationshiped to maximum 5 control devices.

Relationshipable commands and sensors per control device

Each control device can be relationshiped to maximum 5 commands.

Each control device can be relationshiped to maximum 5 sensors.

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