About us

Who we are

The R-Team, a dynamic and flexible working group for research, development, production and commercialization of innovative technologies for civil and industrial use.


The internet to perceive, connect and contribute to reality at the past, current and future state.


Design, build and deliver web-based solutions for every need of control and automation.


Climatic goal
Environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, policy and investment. We promote renewable resources, optimize energy consumption of equipment and adopt clean solutions.

Social goal
Job creation and employment, networking and meeting points, improved living standards, security. We promote professional training, engage public and private entities and help people to manage their activities.

Economic goal
Digital economy, global competitiveness, support growth. We deliver digital infrastructures, save money for consumers and businesses and scale up traditional markets.

Industrial goal
Encourage automation of industrial processes, support lean manufacturing, rationale innovation. We lower production costs, improve performance and the use of machinery.

What we do

Prototyping for the remote control of electromechanical systems
Feasibility study and implementation of the control for existing or ex novo products, and functional tests.

Production and supply of remote control devices
Lean manufacturing and shipping of the agreed amount of control devices.

Management and use services of the Realer web platform
Analysis, design, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance and customization ad hoc.

Certifications and documentations for compliance with Realer-Realino standards
Training courses, apprenticeships and issue of certificates for engineers and installers.


R realer logo Realer
The website for the management of real-life of people.

R realer logo Realino
The general-purpose device for the remote control of physical resources through Realer.


Applications for residential and commercial use.

Applications for industrial use.

Realer facts

Conception and design of the website Realer.

Publication of the web platform Realer.

Production of the Realino device for remote control.

Registration of the Realino patent for industrial invention and utility model.

Expo2015 tavoli tematici 2015
Participation in Tavoli Tematici Expo 2015.


Thumb Lapenna Sergio
CTO at Realer


Piazzetta Enrico Cocchia 25, 83100 Avellino - Italy

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